Fun IQ Facts

Fun IQ Facts


Here are a few fun trivia facts to help get your mind working in the proper mode.

Did you know?

The human brain has about 100 billion neurons and a typical brain cell has one to ten thousand connections to other brain cells.

Even though your brain is full of nerve cells it has NO pain receptors. So why do we get headaches?

Your IQ has been shown to increase with the more schooling and better toys you play with.

In the you are what you eat category, it was proven by a test done on New York school children that a diet filled with preservatives and artificial coloring lowers your overall IQ level.

If you are the first born or an only child it doesn't predetermine you to a higher IQ but families with fewer children does seem to have an impact on the IQ level. Researchers have speculated it is do to the parents being able to give their children more individualized and positive attention.

The more positive physical attention a child receives the higher their IQ levels are, so give your child more hugs.

Which is faster? A super-car traveling at top speed or your brain telling you to pick up a glass off the counter? HINT: You are going to win this race every time.

What you drink at the local watering hole maybe be an IQ determinate. A study concluded that wine drinkers have a higher IQ than people that drink beer. The disclaimer of this study is that wine drinkers tend to have a slightly higher social standing than a typical beer drinker and that might be the reasoning for this outcome.


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