What is an Intelligence Test?

Have you heard about any high IQ societies? Internationally, there are many societies for those with high intelligence, and local chapters of those societies can always assits in helping you become a member. The only way to join most societies is to successfully pass a specialized test. Essentially, the test is designed to weed out those who do not have a high enough intelligence, which is usually classified as being within the top two percent of people. Why would one want to join as society for the highly intelligent? Most organizations sponsor discussions, lectures, gatherings, research, access to projects to name a few of the benefits; and of course, the respect and prominence that comes with such membership.

The Application Process

In order to apply for a membership, you will need to pass the admissions test. The only other option you have is to submit scores from another approved standardized test. These tests include the SAT, GRE, LSAT and the California Test of Mental Maturity. Most people will enter the organization by taking the actual admissions test administered by the society they choose to enter.

The Testing Process

If you want to know what the test consists of and to see how you may do, you can attempt practice tests to gain a feel for the way in which the questions on the test will be administered. Most often, official intelligence tests are given by a trained psychologist, in order to legitimize the test enough to be used for admission purposes. With that, rules related to admission, as well as individual admissions standards tend to vary depending on the high IQ society one wishes to join, so please be sure to check with the society you want to join about their specific requirements for being accepted into their ranks.