Signs of High Intelligence

Popular opinion may cause one to believe that those with high IQ scores are gifted beyond reason in their ability to perform intellectual tasks, such as solve complex mathematical and technical problems with little effort. In reality, intelligence is someone’s ability to acquire and apply knowledge; meaning that someone’s intelligence is more a measure of their ability to adapt what they know to new settings. However, It is true that the higher someone’s IQ is, the more easily they will be able to pick up new understandings; so people with high intelligence might find it easier to perform in school or at work, as well as pick up new skills more quickly with fewer repetitions. While many may believe that creativity is an absolute marker of high intelligence, there are many more ways signs of high intelligence manifest themselves, here are a few examples of traits people with high intelligence might exhibit:

  • Find new ways of solving problems, quickly.
  • Highly adaptable and very curious.
  • Stay up late and sleep in late.
  • Trusting and easy to connect with.
  • Strive for perfection.
  • Maintain interest on multiple projects and are constantly learning.
  • Deep introspectiveness and ability to judge their own work.
  • Have a great sense of humor.
  • Are persistent with things that challenge them.