Where Can I Take the Mensa IQ Test for Free?

Sample Mensa Test

While there are numerous websites with IQ tests, the majority are not on the same difficulty level as the Mensa exam. There are many websites that will let you take a sample "Mensa" test that roughly measures your IQ. However, these tests are just for fun – passing it will not provide instant admittance into the organization.

True Mensa Test

The true Mensa test must be administered inside a controlled environment at an approved testing center. The exam takes around two hours to complete, centered around questions based on logic and reasoning. The testing fee for this exam is $40.

It is a good idea to use the practice exams online to figure out where you stand in relation to the overall scores, as the Mensa test can only be taken once unless additional evidence has been submitted. There are multiple Mensa exams, but each one typically tests an individual only once, making it difficult to be admitted if they did not qualify the first time.

Study for Mensa Test

If you plan on taking the true Mensa test, we highly recommend you go a step beyond online tests, and purchase a well written preparation book.

Mensa offers a written test that allows potential members to practice for the upcoming exam in their own home. Those interested in doing so must submit a request for the form, as well as $18. The exam will be scored by American Mensa's National Office, but does not serve as a qualifier. It works to provide potential members with an idea of their overall IQ and their chances of passing the actual examination.

The Mensa is a group of people with extraordinary intelligence composed of arguably the most brilliant individuals on the planet. This organization is non profit, and optn to join for anyone who scores at the 98th percentile or higher on a normal IQ test. Because of the prestige associated with this, many people want to take the test themselves and find out where they score. There are two main tests that are used.

Admittance into Mensa requires a score of at least 132 on the Stanford-Binet IQ test.

Admittance into Mensa requires a score of at least 148 on the Cattell IQ test.

The standard IQ tests that most people are familiar with are designed slightly differently than those meant to provide accurate results. These tests typically provide a base score of around 100, with a standard deviation of 15 – this means that almost everyone who takes the test will score between 85 and 115. However, to qualify for Mensa, the score required for this test is 131.