Reasons to Do Well on the Mensa IQ Test

Mensa Scholarships

There are foundations that will award scholarships to qualifying Mensa members. Yes, you will be rewarded for being intelligent beyond the self-gratification of knowing your cognitive ability. Just go to the Mensa Foundation. This site has up to date information about deadlines and qualifications for scholarships given out to Mensa members.

Mensa Meetups

Mensa groups often hold regular meetups for dinner and drinks, or for get-togethers with a guest speaker. Regardless of the type of meetup, you know you'll be spending your time with other intellectuals who share your same interests and will be able to provide stimulating conversation.

Intellectual Stimulation

Mensa offers nearly 200 special interest groups (SIG) that enable Mensa members to explore any of their interests, from economics to scuba-diving. Mensa SIGs are offered at various Mensa clubs throughout the country, and if you can't find one that fits your interests, you can easily make one of your own!

Mensa Publications

Mensa members recieve access to the national Mensa magazine which is filled with contributions from Mensa members worldwide. The magazine offers many thought-provoking articles to keep all Mensa members intellectually stimulated.

Other Mensa Member Benefits

Another benefit is being part of a group that has more than 100,000 members world wide. You can even get your very own Mensa members-exclusive credit card if you belong to a participating chapter.