Gaining Access to an Elite Group of Minds

Before we delve further into the merits required to gain access among the 98th percentile of thinkers qualified enough to pass the Mensa exam, it is important to highlight that without a tedious and tenacious adherence to practice, it would have been all but impossible for many of the people who scored favorably on the official Mensa test to achieve their greatest score. Just like any other test, the Mensa test puts its takers under a lot of pressure in a very short amount of time. Also, it should be clarified that intelligence is defined as the ability to apply knowledge and skills, so just because someone feels like they are naturally very intelligent doesn’t mean that they are at all prepared for the environment created by the official Mensa test. Reason being, rarely is anyone readily in a setting similar to what the test creates, so it is almost certain that approaching the test unprepared will lead to unsatisfactory results.

We like to put people out of their element in order to prepare them for the types of questions that will encounter on the Mensa test. Once someone becomes familiar with the format and method in which Mensa questions will be delivered, it is certain that their confidence, as well as their score, will grow. Furthermore, when approaching the test, it is important to understand the principles upon which it is founded, as so to best prepare for everything the test will send your way in the short amount of time you will have to complete it. Realistically, even seasoned college students are uncertain of the testing process, so it’s understandable that those who haven’t been taking tests weekly (ex. Most people that aren’t college students) would find the undertaking stressful. Not only will one worry about making mistakes, but it’s possible to have other issues arise. When this happens, you might find yourself struggling to do well. The biggest reason for this is because adults are not used to being dropped into a testing situation. Many people become good at their desired profession and might see their peripheral skills deteriorate after some time without use. To make sure that you stay on top of the ball throughout the test, as well as throughout life, taking the practice test will help you gain the skills necessary to make the most of the official Mensa test, as well as life scenarios that require many of the same skills.

Next, it is important to tackle the IQ scale in order to understand what the number you receive at the end of the test actually means. An IQ of 100 means that you have the reasoning ability of the average person your age. The higher the number goes above 100, the more adept you are at applying your knowledge than the average person your age. However, with every generation come changes in technology, education, as well as many other factors of our lives that become so ingrained in our daily routine that they become integral to the way we express our intelligence. Web developers need a good concept of space to create beautiful, and also useful sites. Teachers need to understand new ways of communicating through technology in order to progress the field of education. In short, as things change, understanding their foundations become even more important, because those foundational skills make it easier to adapt to ever-evolving circumstances.

To help prepare for all of the changes ahead, we offer our practice test in two forms, a six minute and twelve minute test designed to assess your full grasp of the concepts and format of the Mensa test. Also, we offer a PDF with one hundred practice questions for you to download and use at your leisure to practice in between testing cycles, or whenever is most convenient. All of the concepts in the Mensa test can be applied to the real world, and our practice tests and materials are designed to reflect that. Through repeated practice, you can become comfortable with the manner in which the Mensa test will present its challenges, and become used to concepting solutions quickly. Not only will this help with regards to taking the test, but it will help with similar situations in the real world. If Intelligence is all about knowing how best to apply your knowledge, we want to help you dominate the challenges ahead, and understand that you aren’t simply given Mensa membership, you earn it.