What to expect from a Mensa Admissions Test

The Mensa admissions test is the most accessible of qualifying IQ tests, anyone that is at least 14 years old and older may set for the test. It can be administered by psychologist and a participating school. The test are typically given at varying times and has a fee of $40. Before you set for the exam you should plan on it taking up to two hours to complete and is comprised of two separate tests. The first test is the Mensa Wonderlic is a 12 minute test that contains fifty questions and the second is the Mensa Admission Test. The admissions test is comprised of seven different sections and one hundred and twenty questions.

The questions you will face when taking the test consist of distance and relational abilities and of course your congnitive aptitude. Most of the distance problems are measured in meters, so if you plan on figuring out the right answer, you need to know your metric systems. One type of question that you might see involves two men who leave their house at the same time or who leave from the same point. One man walks in one direction for three meters, and the other man walks the opposite way, turning after five meters and then turning again. You need to find the distance between the men.  Another example of a question involves age. You need to figure out how old someone is based on the age of a sibling and how old they were ten years ago. 

Analysis questions are also big on the test, similar to those that you would find on an SAT test. It is not uncommon to see a simple question like pear is to apple as potato is to what? While taking the test, you will see questions about what one person likes. Peter will like Susan and not Shawna, William but not Charles. You need to figure out the logic in the names to determine who he will like out of two names that are given. There are pictures to look at in puzzles, and you will see words that have a common word at the beginning to create new words. The Mensa test is something that requires you to think outside of the box with some questions, and there are some questions that you have to be able to work out with pencil and paper by knowing math and other subjects!

The majority of the questions on the test have multiple choice answers, just remember its a personal assessment and guessing will not give you an accurate representation of your ability. 

If setting for this exam is something you dont wish to do there are means of entry into Mensa besides achieving the qualifying level on an approved Mensa AdmissionsTest. If you have your SAT having a score of 1250 or better and you had taken this test between 1974 and 1994 you may apply. The GRE scoring level is the same as the SAT that of 1250 or higher as long as it was before 1994. These test must be proctored and taken at a confirmable and approved facility as to be recognized by Mensa. For further information please contact Mensa International at Mensa.org or American Mensa at American Mensa Home.