Mensa Test

How to Qualify for Mensa

The only way that a person can qualify for Mensa membership is by scoring within the 98 percentile on an applicable IQ test. Applicants who have already done so can apply for Mensa membership by furnishing proof of their high scores. People who have lost their scores or simply want to take a new test can take the Mensa test. The score that they receive on the Mensa test will determine if they qualify for membership. Applicants can take practice tests first to see if they would qualify to take the real Mensa test.

The Mensa Workout

The Mensa Workout is a test that a curious party can take if he or she would like to gauge his or her abilities to pass the Mensa Test. The Mensa workout should take approximately 30 minutes to finish, although taking longer will not cause the applicant to lose points. The Mensa Workout is a completely fair test that does not contain culturally biased questions. The workout is truly a test that measures one’s intelligence in any environment. Furthermore, the Mensa workout is not politically or religiously biased.

Taking the Mensa Test

The Mensa workout is free, but it does not qualify a person for Mensa membership. The individual would have to take the complete Mensa test to qualify for the membership. An interested person can take the Mensa test at an official supervised center. The home test is a shorter test that an individual can take at home to prepare for the full Mensa test. The usual fee for home testing is $18, and the supervised test is usually $40. The Mensa test is approximately two hours long, and it is not suitable for children who are under the age of 14.