What is the Mensa Test?

Have you heard about Mensa? Mensa is an organization for those who have very high IQs. The only way to join Mensa is to successfully pass a specialized test. This test will essentially weed out those who do not have an IQ in the top two percent of people. Why would one want to join Mensa? The organization sponsors discussions, lectures, gatherings, research, access to projects and of course, the respect and prominence that comes with Mensa membership. In addition to this, you will also obtain a subscription to the national magazine; have access to special travel services and even a members-only credit card and insurance policy.

Applying for Mensa

In order to apply for a Mensa membership, in most cases, you will need to take the Mensa Admissions Test. The only other option you have is to submit scores from another approved standardized test. These tests include the SAT, GRE, LSAT and the California Test of Mental Maturity. Most people will enter the organization by taking the actual Mensa Test.

The Mensa Test

If you want to know what the test consists of and to see how you may do, you can order a Mensa Home Test to give it a try. This test is available from American Mensa Ltd. and will give you a good idea of how you may do on a real Mensa test. If you want to practice before the test, you will find that there are a number of Mensa workout sites, including official Mensa practice test. Keep in mind, even if you do well on these, only the official test will qualify you for admission to Mensa.

In order to take the test, you will need to contact the testing authority in your country. Contact information for the testing authority is available from the official Mensa International website at Mensa.org.