History of Mensa

Mensa International

Mensa International was founded in 1946 at Lincoln College in Oxford, England by Roland Berril and Dr. Lancelot Ware. Mr. Berril, an Australian attorney, and Dr. Ware formed Mensa with the notion of being a non-political, non-racial and non-religiously biased body. The term Mensa is taken from Latin and has three separate meanings; table, mind and month but ironically mensa is also the feminine version of a Spanish word meaing stupid.

Mensa International currently has over 50 recognized national groups spanning 6 continents. Each national group is individually run and has its own set of rules, membership dues, and monthly publication. For more information on Mensa national groups visit the Mensa National Groups page.

If you wish to find out more about Mensa International and how it came to life please feel free to visit the wikipedia page at: Wikipedia Mensa International

American Mensa

The American chapter of Mensa was established in Brooklyn New York on September 30th 1960 by Peter and Ines Sturgeon. Today American Mensa Ltd. has over 50,000 members and the headquarters are located in Arlington Texas. American Mensa Ltd. was the first Mensa group to form outside of the United Kingdom. The American Mensa Ltd. website can be found at American Mensa Home it contains localized information for members and those who wish to gain membership to the society within the United States.